rostoics is a tool which converts NetLine/Crew CrewLink roster .pdf files into .ics calendar files. The .ics files are used to create calendar events on iPhone, iPad, Samsung, ... basically any device able to deal with .ics files. Google Calendar also supports .ics file import.

Who should use it ...
All those who make extensive use of online as well as local calendar entries, being it for private or professional purpose. Basically all those who have a highly charged daily schedule requiring organization to some extent. Online integration adds sharing features to friends an family members. Tedious and error prone manual event entries can be avoided.

Who should disregard it ...
When hardcopies of Crew roster, downloaded PDF documents or CrewLink App roster consultations are sufficient for planning purpose, calendar setup isn't really necessary.

- event : Any calendar entry e.g. flight, ground duty, standby, free day, ...
- .pdf file : The format of the roster file downloaded from NetLine/Crew CrewLink.
- .ics file : Standardized calendar file format, generated by subject rostoics tool.

1. Only plain rosters are accepted. No notifications (schedule changes).
2. Only Luxair rosters are accepted for the time being.
3. Event spawning across more than one month is not allowed. - REMOVED (BETA)

I try to lift restrictions gradually.

Nota bene
Be aware that apparently parsed events might be incorrect or incomplete. Always check every event after import !!!

Debug messages on Convert .pdf to .ics page (bottom) shows events not parsed properly. Manual modification is required. E.g. ...
debug : unparsed event!
        [20161129] Tue29 DH/LG 8361 /30 LUX 0540 0645 GVA [FT 00:00]

Please report (using Comment feature at the bottom of this page) any non parsed or badly parsed events.

Bug fixes could possibly introduce new bugs. Of course I try to avoid by all means, nevertheless there is a potential risk this might occur.

Any suggestions regarding formatting of event, additional information, this web interface, mistakes, ... just anything ... are welcomed!

Tested browsers
Firefox 47.0.1 on Windows 7
Safari on iOS 10.1.1 (iPhone 6s)
Safari on iOS 9.3.5 (iPad [3rd generation])
Please report any browser related compatilities and incompatilities.