The biggest challenge is probably the roster file handling on different devices, id est downloading .pdf roster file from NetLine/Crew CrewLink, converting the .pdf file to an .ics file and importing this one into the personal calendar.

There are way too many possibilities and individual configurations, so that a general guideline is somewhat hard to give.

1. Download .pdf roster file from NetLine/Crew CrewLink

This is probably the most easiest step. Just visit the Airline's NetLine/Crew CrewLink page and download the desired roster, download and save the file to your favorite location - straight forward. This can be achieved either via PC/Mac or mobile (iPhone/Android). No big deal, but with iPhones, the .pdf file must be stored somewhere (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, ownCloud, ...). Other third-party Apps might work as well.

2. Convert the .pdf file to an .ics file

2.1 Website method
Visit the Convert the .pdf to .ics page and follow the post.

2.2 email method
Just send the .pdf file as email attachment to The body text of the email is ignored. You'll get the .ics file back to within less than a minute. Be aware that the returned email contains a summary of the parsed events, and that the .ics file can be found at the very bottom of the email.

None of both methods is better than the other. I's just what suits you best.

3. Import .ics roster file into the personal calendar

As calendar, you can use a local iPhone, Samsung, ... or the online version like Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar. How to import .ics files into these calendars goes beyond the scope of this post, since it greatly varies depending on hardware, OS and Apps installed. Some "experimental" manipulations might be required.

Many devices try to be intelligent in terms of recognizing .ics files automatically and offering import. This works quite well, even if multiple calendars are used.

Below a guideline how to import the .ics file for Google Calendar using a browser:
1. Login your Google account
2. Select "Settings" from the "Settings" gear icon (top right corner)
3. Click on "Calendars" link from (top left corner)
4. Click on "Import calendar" link (bottom page)
5. Browse for your .ics roster file and select desired calendar (if more than one)
6. Press "Import"


Apple devices notes

- Chrome browser seems to handle file action easier than Safari. You might give it a try.

- Since end of 2016, Apple removed the "Add All" feature in the email client. In Safari, it still works. This is kind of a step back in evolution since it requires the user to manually add every individual event. This is everything other than comfortable. Details can be found here: Importing .ics calendar events from emails


What I do ... I download my .pdf roster file from NetLine/Crew CrewLink using my Windows 7 PC, save it locally on my Desktop, convert it into .ics roster using website method, import it into Google Calendar and that's it. All this takes less than a minutes.

Basically ... everybody can do all this with any device and any software. There are many ways to do it ... it's just a matter to find YOUR best way. This might take some time to discover. Once done, it's a piece of cake.

I don't have all these different devices and therefore, I can hardly simulate the entire range of possible hardware/software combinations. Hence I rely on user's feedback. Just post below ...

Many thanks,